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Astronomical Clock

Evolutionary Astrology

Human beings have been looking up to the sky since the beginning of time.


We are a part of this magnificent universe and astrology helps us understand its language.


Through Evolutionary Astrology we can then decode these messages and access the wisdom of the Stars, in order to understand our soul journey and the evolution of our consciousness.


It's a compass, a GPS, a tool for self-awareness.


Where do I come from?


Where am I now?


Why is this happening? 


And where do I want to go? 


What is the purpose of my existence, of my life?


By understanding the answers to these questions, we gain a much larger perspective of our lives & circumstances. 


Consequently, we can then better navigate our existence here on this planet, in a very practical way. May it be our relationships, career, vocation, health and so on.


Each person’s journey is unique and sacred. If we understand what this specific journey is about and what the intentions of the soul are, we can choose to align ourselves with our true potential.

Navigate life's challenges and opportunities with the guidance of astrological insights

● Past lives (where your Soul is coming from)


● Soul journey (how your current circumstances are a continuation of themes started in the past)


● Relationships & partnerships


● Your gifts, abilities and talents


● Health & how to lead a healthier life


● Purpose & Soul’s intentions for this lifetime


● What are the next steps & tools that will help your continued evolution


● Transits: the significant themes & areas of life being activated in the upcoming months & years


Time, date &

location of birth


→ It's okay if you don't know your exact time of birth!


Readings last from 90 to 120 minutes


Sessions are done virtually on Zoom.

Link is sent 48 hours before the reading


Audio and video recording are provided

Hanna Tanajura Astrology

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