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Types of Readings

Embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery with Evolutionary Astrology. In each reading, we unravel the unique tapestry of your soul's evolution. While tailored to your individuality, common themes often emerge - insights into your past, a deeper understanding of your present circumstances, and guidance on your soul's purpose.

Explore the cosmic influences shaping your relationships, career and health. Gain clarity on the why’s of your experiences. As we navigate your astrological chart, anticipate revelations that illuminate your true potential and align you with the sacred intentions of your Soul.

I am honored to join you on this transformative exploration; your cosmic blueprint awaits.

Let’s dive into the stars and unlock the secrets of your extraordinary journey.

Natal Chart Reading

This is the most important reading and preferably the first one to be done.


Topics covered:


• Your soul's journey: past lives in general, where your Soul is coming from, what are the

important themes and how they appear in your current life.


The main focus always being the

evolution of your soul and consciousness, and the purposes for this lifetime.


→ If you prefer not to address past lives we will only focus on the here and now.


• Work and vocation

• Your gifts, skills and talents

• Intentions, purposes for this life

• Family, relationships and partnerships

• Health and how to lead a healthier life

• What are the next steps & tools that will help you in the process

• Any other theme that you want to explore

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart
Moon Stages

Transit Reading

Recommended at least once a year, in this reading we look at the movements of the planets and how they are activating your natal chart, bringing a greater context and understanding to current events.


We also look at the themes and areas of life that will be activated in the coming months and years, and how to prepare effectively.


This reading can be done at anytime.

Synastry for Couples

Synastry allows us to better understand the connection and relationship between two people, identify affinities and compatibilities.

Also the areas of greatest difficulty, the love language of each person, how to collaborate with the growth of the other and how to strengthen ties.


Crab Nebula
Japanese Calendar

Finding Auspicious
Dates for Events

When planning an important life event, it's very important to find a date that will help to support your intentions, increasing the chances of success and minimizing risks.


Examples of events:




New projects

Business launch

Medical procedure

Child's Natal Chart

From the perspective of the child's natal chart, this reading aims to help parents better understand their children.


Their tendencies, potentials, learning mode, emotional and communication processes, school challenges, behavior patterns, and how to support them in the best possible way on their journey.

Solar Eclipse

Hanna Tanajura Astrology

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