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Melanie, Germany

I can’t even begin to describe to you how meaningful this was. 

Your observations were so on point, the insights and advice were pure gold, I truly felt seen and recognized by your clear reflection.  

I can’t wait to watch the replay and integrate it even deeper.


Such an amazing confirmation to keep going and not listen to the inner critic that tries to keep my voice down and my energy small. Thank you!

Regina, USA

A reading with Hanna will take you to places that you did not know existed. She takes you into a  thorough, in-depth realization of your life through
Evolutionary Astrology.
I walked away with more understanding, self-love and a deeper soul connection to my individual path in this life. It clears confusion and offers acceptance.
I tell everyone about her readings. They are incredibly generous. 

Thais, Brasil

This session was such an important moment in my life. I learned more about myself, my feelings, my soul aspirations and my incarnational baggage.

 I had access to the mosaic of my own story & my authentic self in this incarnation.

For me there isn't anything more amazing than to discover how to amplify the power of my soul and the power of my

own internal voice.


I hope that everyone else can be initiated into this deep dive within themselves and understand their journey through the lenses of evolutionary astrology.

Joanne, USA

Hanna was well prepared and I immediately felt a resonance with her.

I knew I could trust her perceptions and I felt safe to be open with her.

Hanna has an innate ability and passion for astrology and she astutely highlighted the areas in my chart,

transits and progressions that would best serve me at this time and in the future.  She is wise and intuitive and

has a keen insight regarding what to focus on and a direct yet respectful delivery that was/is most helpful. 


Hanna's energy is infectious and delightful and I felt seen and heard with compassion and understanding.

I feel hope and look forward to exploring new and different options.

Since I have explored my chart over the years, I am surprised that Hanna was able to give

me tools for change and to open doors to my creativity.


Anyone that has an evolutionary astrology session with Hanna will be Blessed and will come away with the

opportunity to be a better person. She is a gifted counselor, healer, and lover of humanity.


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