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Discover your soul's journey with Evolutionary Astrology

Explore the depths of your soul's journey and chart your course to personal growth

Since the beginning of time,  humans have gazed at the sky, seeking understanding and wisdom. Evolutionary astrology, unlike traditional approaches, delves into the depths of the soul—an infinite, immortal entity on a continuous

evolutionary path of growth and learning. 

This cosmic compass serves as a GPS for self-awareness, helping us unravel life's mysteries and find answers to essential questions: Where do I come from?  Where do I want to go? What do I want to do, be, and have?  By gaining insights into these inquiries, we broaden our perspective, empowering us to navigate various aspects of our lives—be it relationships, career, vocation, health, and beyond. 

Every individual's journey is unique and sacred. Understanding the soul's

intentions allows us to align with our true potential, making practical choices that resonate with our deepest selves.

Ready to explore your cosmic roadmap?

Dive deeper into astrology with a personalized reading

and illuminate the path to self-discovery.

Types of Readings

Natal Chart Reading

Learn about your soul's journey,  your gifts, purposes for this life, your relationships and vocation and what the next steps are.

Synastry for Couples

Transit Reading

Look at the movement and position of the planets and what they are currently activating in your natal chart. Understand what the future holds and how to better align with it.

Solar Return Reading

Understand in depth the connection and relationship between two people, identify affinities and compatibilities, and the love language of each person.

Around the time of your birthday, analyze the potentials, challenges, trends and activations happening

in this new 365-day cycle.

Hanna Tanajura Astrology

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